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Next Time Wind!!!

on May 17, 2018

I love drinking and writing or writing and drinking or whatever. Somehow the creative juices about nothing start flowing, and the magic that has me extra talkative after a couple drinks makes my writing a little “loose-lipped”. So much randomness happens in life, and it’s easy to overlook some of the things that make life laughable at times. Such as me wearing dresses…

Those who know me know I am a fan of shorts (and pants), and that I see dresses and skirts as impractical. Because I mean, seriously, if you wear dental floss undergarments (like me), dresses flying up in the air in the breeze are NOT a good thing! Besides, what’s the point of wearing a skirt/dress if you’re practically wearing shorts already? Maybe it’s just me. Nah! I know I’m not alone on this one! But anyway, last week was a very special occasion. I wore a dress! I know!!! There’s no photographic evidence of this, so it’s hard to believe it’s true. I totally get it. But it DID happen! All fucking day I had to grab my dress, because anyone who has experienced Texas winds knows how relentless they can be. And you know what? Those winds don’t stop until they win. They won. Gotta give the wind credit. Wind=jerk. J-E-R-K! So it kept blowing, and I kept holding my dress down. I would bunch it around me, giving the wind my strongest finger, and I would win another battle. It wasn’t until the end of the evening I had to stop and get some gas. I swear I parked in some sort of wind tunnel, because there was a sudden gust and SWOOSH!!!! There goes my GD dress! Straight up!! My bare ass was visible to the world! So I backed myself up to my car as fast as I could, only able to hold the front down. My bare cheeks pressed against the side of my car, praying no one has seen me in this predicament. It wouldn’t stop! The wind was going to win the war! In what seemed like an eternity I had gathered my dress enough to pull it down to cover my ass. It was a miracle!!! I don’t think anyone saw me, but what an experience that was! Thank you, Universe, for reminding me why I don’t wear skirts/dresses. Ever. So awesome!

So there’s a fun bare-butt-cheeks-in-the-wind story! Hahahahaha!!!! Hope you enjoyed this quickie! I’ll write again soon!!!!!

-Bonnie 💙💙💙💙

3 responses to “Next Time Wind!!!

  1. Kindashy says:

    Too damn funny……..!!!!!!
    Not to rain on your parade of anonymity, butt…..( get it? butt….) most gas stations these days have multi angle video monitoring systems as I’m sure you know as you try to deny the possibility thereof…….
    Now, as long as you don’t inadvertently stumble across yourself in an “Amusing Things You See” video in the next 3 years or get a clip sent to you by a friend asking “is this you?”…….
    Your “profile” remains your own……..
    Ya gotta laugh at every possible opportunity….it’s an unwritten social law……! And this is a great opportunity….

    Liked by 1 person

    • oceangrrrl says:

      Oh trust me! The thought of cameras was in my mind!!! I left this part out, but there was a guy pumping gas on the other side of the pump. Thankfully it was too big and in the way of him seeing anything! 😂😂


      • Kindashy says:

        I can only imagine your thoughts and the speed at which they raced through your mind at the time……
        I bet you even cursed the internal combustion engine at some brief moment…….

        Liked by 1 person

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