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Walk, Eat, Walk, Beer, Walk, Beer, Walk, Eat, Walk, Walk, Walk…

So I got to Boston late Friday night. I was too tired to write anything. Last night I was planning on writing something short and sweet, but I had far too many “beverages” and fell asleep. It was a rough morning. I made it to Hamden, CT this evening though! One of the weirdest things out here though, is that with everything being further north, the sun sets even earlier!!!!! It is throwing me off!!! It feels like 9 o’clock at night when it’s only 6! I swear the sun goes down by 4:30!!!

Anyway, enough about the randomness. Let’s talk Saturday in Boston!!! So I looked up random things to do and asked everyone who had been what they recommended over the last week. Lots of possibilities for sure! So I ended up walking a bit of the Freedom Trail, went to Faneuil Hall, took a Boston harbor cruise, walked around the U.S.S. Constitution, walked around the U.S.S. Cassin Young, ate a late lunch at Legal Seafood, had a beer at the Granary Tavern, had a beer at Cheers, walked around the markets near Faneuil Hall, saw where the city Christmas tree was being prepped, got lost walking back to my hotel thanks to my phone not putting my location anywhere near where I was, and ended the night at the hotel bar with a few Irish coffees. That’s right. I said a few. Hence the reason I didn’t quite get around to writing anything last night. I think I squeezed in a good amount of activities for Saturday.

Today, after I checked out of the hotel, thank god they will hold your bags for the day, I decided to grab a chai latte at Starbucks and just go walking. I ended up walking over to little Italy and exploring that area a bit. That was a great spot! I wasn’t hungry when I went through there, but next time I won’t be able to resist the urge to eat some amazing Italian food! Since I forgot to ride the random carousel close to the aquarium yesterday, I rode it today. There were no horses on this thing! So I rode an owl. Went strolling around through the shops again, grabbed a Philly cheesesteak for lunch, started walking towards the hotel and ended up shopping with the locals in the Beacon Hill area. Didn’t get anything, but had a great time just walking around everywhere.

After all that, I loaded up my crap and headed off to the airport to get the rental car. So now I am in CT, about to head to bed. I am tired!

So good night and sweet dreams.










Brrrr, frickin’ cold!

It is going to be a chilly night. I can already tell you that. As soon as the engine was shut off and the heater was no more, I could feel the cold start to creep in, almost seeping through the windows. No wind blowing to help me sleep tonight. Just cold. Lots of cold…

On a warmer note, I took the change I had in a jar to the bank today. Nearly $300! Yay!!!! Boston spending money!!!!!!! I’m sure that won’t last long. :-/. All I know is that I am going to the original Cheers, the Freedom Trail, and maybe a place called Legal Seafood. I’m excited!!!!! There’s just so much to do, and I want to see how much I can cram in! 🙂

Tonight is going to be short and sweet. I have to be up super super early, and I am tired. Tomorrow is going to be a long and extremely busy day! So on that note, have a good night!



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