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Another Night of Cheating…

Yep! You read that right! Another night not spent in my car! I am cheating on my Tahoe yet again. It must be missing me. Strange to admit that it continues to grow on me, and the cocoon comfort that my vehicle provides is missed. I fear I would become some sort of hermit if I refused every offer to stay in a warm bed and enjoy the time spent with family and friends.

Another cold front is coming in. That’s the weirdness of Texas weather. Eighty degrees one day, forty the next. I love the cold temperatures. I get to wear my scarves and boots and my new parka, but the breathing in of freezing air does not bring joy to my uvula. Yeah. My uvula. It doesn’t like cold, dry air. While I stay perfectly warm all nestled in my blankets, my uvula is subjected to freezing cold air all night long. And let me tell you, when the dangly, internal throat flesh is unhappy, I am uncomfortable all day! No bueno. So what I thought was going to be my main concern on cold nights turned out to be something I never would have guessed, what’s a girl to do? Maybe I need to go buy a sheet to keep over my face all night, but then that gets stuffy. Maybe buy a face warmer thing to sleep in, but then it gets damp from breathing. Lord knows at some point my mouth falls wide open and chainsaws commence! So now I need to find maybe a battery operated humidifier? I don’t think anything would freeze on really cold nights. Although thinking and finding out are two completely different scenarios. Maybe there a battery operated mini heater? I mean, I can always use rechargeables… Guess I’ll just have to go online shopping for randomness tomorrow. A very good friend of mine offered to help me design and build some sort of battery/solar station to be used for an external heater or whatever I need or could use it for. Thank you, Bare. I’m still needing to research it a bit. I’ll work on that this week.

Anyway, this weekend was a pretty great weekend! Had my mini-me since Friday night when we went to see the Parade of Lights in downtown Fort Worth. Always a fun thing to do! Got to see a bunch of the cousins in town from Maryland, as well as the ones who live nearby that I hardly ever get around to seeing. This to me is sad, knowing that I have family so close, and yet I don’t put forth the effort to see them more. Maybe it bothers me that I do this? Maybe it bother me that they don’t put in any effort either.

Saturday was our turkey day, and boy was it worth the wait! Didn’t eat until 8-8:30, and we all pigged out! I got my homemade apple pie!!!! Thank you mom!!!!!! 🙂 Today was a lazy day. I did bake my pumpkin chocolate chip cookies though! WOOHOO!!!!

Alright, I am going to be signing off now. Back to work, dark and early! I am going to have plenty to do in the office! Dream of unicorns and rainbows and all that sparkly stuff! I know what I’ll be dreaming about!!! :*

Nighty night!


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Alternative Turkey

Today my crazy side of the family has planned to celebrate Thanksgiving. There is a reasoning to our madness as my offspring was not able to join us on the actual day of turkey-murdering festivities. So, we postponed it and moved it out.

With a rough start to waking up the turkey chef (my mom), I must now go and fry up some bacon goodness for breakfast while my child sits over here cutting cheese looking at Instagram. :-/ Yep. I still lay claim to her. She knows she’s loved. 🙂

And with that, have a great Saturday!!!! I’ll add some more to this later. I know you want to read about the Parade of Lights!!!! Ciao for now!



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The Day of Turkey Is Upon Us – And I’m Thankful

So technically it is Thanksgiving. A day for being thankful for what we have been blessed with. I love the fact that it is basically a crazy family day, where the craziness begins the day before with pies baking and foods being prepped. In one quick moment, all of the time and cooking and cleaning and chopping and baking culminate into a grand feast after which we all happily attempt to remain awake. I find it quite difficult trying to stay awake. Sometimes you just have to undo that top button (or come prepared in sweat pants) and give in to the tryptophan.

This year, we are having our turkey day on Saturday. My sis has to work today, and my mom wasn’t feeling very well in order to start the baking. And me? Well, I decided to head to the office to get a few things done that I didn’t get to the day before. Yea! Work on my day off!!! The nice part of that was I got there after everyone left, so my music was cranked up, and I was singing away with no one to distract me!!! I really had nothing better to do, so being at the office wasn’t bad. 🙂

Basically today will be a day of movies and hanging out in my jammies and hopefully sleeping in since it’s currently 1:45 am. The cats are being idiots and running around right now though. Only when I am about to go to sleep they decide to wake up! Oh well. They’ll come sleep on me some point soon, and I will be thankful for that. So here goes the year’s thanks: I am thankful for my family, my close friends who are more family than some family, my daughter who is amazingly talented, smart and beautiful, my job and the people I work with, my car that hasn’t broken down on me yet despite needing a lot of work and tlc, my health because let’s face it, I’m still alive, and last but not least, I am thankful for all the experiences life has to offer, because without them, life wouldn’t be worth living.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!


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Monday, Monday – There’s An Entire Song About It…

Whew!!!!! What a busy day today! It’s nice being back in the car all ready to get my sleep on! I never really figured just how comfy and cozy my car would really be. I still need to get some sort of covering for my back window, but thankfully it’s tinted enough to where you can’t see in without a light on inside. At least that’s what I tell myself for now.

Monday! Holiday season! Craziness!!!! Work is actually far busier than ever at this time of year. Normally there’s a Christmas/holiday season lag in the railroad industry. It will be crazy busy until January. So weird. Not that I am complaining. Oh no no no! It’s just strange. I actually enjoy being super busy. Makes the time fly by a bit faster. 🙂

Had girls night at miss D’s house. She cooked me dinner for the first time! It was delicious! That is definitely one of the major things I miss. I miss hosting my dinner/pizza nights. It was always fun to have a couple of friends over for a night of great food and beer and wine and watching weird YouTube videos on my Xbox. I can’t do any of those things unless I cook at a friend’s house. My Xbox is packed away. 😦
No kitchen gadgets. It’s sad. Maybe a slight bit pathetic.

I know there are some who would like me to talk more about my food experiences so far while living out of my car, but with the holidays around the corner and in my face, I will be waiting until after Thanksgiving prior to trying anything healthy and new, and then I’ll take a week off for Christmas/New Year. Just letting you know. Trust me, there are weird shakes for me to try soon. You know who you are and what I am referring to. 😉

Maybe it’s Q&A time? Is there something you are curious about when it comes to living in a car? Maybe you want to know what’s in the random drawers? How I transport any items I go shopping for? Ask me whatever you want! I’ll answer it! 🙂

So on that note, as it begins to get cooler and cooler in my car, it’s time for me to get under some blankets and drift off to dreamland. Sweet dreams, and thank you for taking the time to read my nonsense. I hope it makes you laugh. Well, at least I hope it makes you smile. Good night. 🙂


Hanging Up The Lights

So I have totally not been in my car all weekend! Friday and Saturday I stayed at my mom’s. Tonight I am staying at my dad’s. Not that I mind staying in my car. The weather is perfect for it, but why pass up a floor/bed that’s offered to you? It is quite a bit more roomy. Just sayin. 😉

Friday was just a typical day at work, drove to mom’s, my sis made chicken alfredo for dinner, and we hung out and watched a movie. Standard dinner and a movie night at her house. Always love those! Saturday, well, it rained. All day! Blech! Typical lazy day. Didn’t do much really. Ended up going turkey day shopping and had to run some errands. No biggie. Spent some much needed quality time with my hairy kids. I think they miss me, and I know I miss them. I miss walking in the door after a day at work, and they would all come downstairs to greet me. I miss the little balls of fur all curled up around me when I went to bed at night. I don’t miss stepping on the random offerings of hairball and food puke, like cold, squishy land mines of nastiness. Gross! Even now I can feel it between my toes! Sorry. Moving on.

This morning was a good day for a brunch of bacon, fried eggs and toast. So delicious! Had a slight issue with the drain for the washing machine when I decided to do a load of laundry. Nothing like draining and then tossing buckets of water out the back door! Mom needs a new washer that doesn’t use 20+ gallons per load. Insanity!!! Whatever. I still got my clothes done!

After all that fun time, I headed up to my dad’s to assist with the putting up of Christmas lights. Almost got it done, but we were under severe time restrictions and didn’t get the last two strands. So close! My dad’s house has some very high eaves, and the roof angle is quite steep. I definitely tested my balancing skills on the ladders. I found two teeny tiny brown snakes that were probably hibernating and were disturbed by ladders and feet. They were so cute! So I picked them up to move them out of harms way. I am honestly worried if they are going to live. Seriously! My dad got to witness my oh-hell-no attitude with wasps flying by my face. Exactly! Oh hell no! No wasps by my head! Dad and I also got a shit ton of fiberglass in our arms. That makes the day pleasant. :-/

Anyway, so after all that, the church’ my dad goes to had an early turkey day dinner. It was pretty good! Ate a pretty good meal with a great group of people. 🙂

On that note, I am to bed! Good night and sweet dreams!



Texas. Back Home.

Well, after a weekend in Boston and a couple days in Connecticut, it’s good to be back home where it’s not 20 degrees outside. I don’t think I’ve ever worn so many layers at one time before! I got one last cup of clam chowder before I flew back, so that was pretty awesome! No loudmouth on the plane this trip, so that made the flight decent.

Just happy to be back. 🙂


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Cold. Cold! COLD!!!!!!

Today was as interesting as it was cold. I froze my ass off!!! Although, tomorrow will be much worse! The high is only supposed to get to 31. At 8 am, when we’re all meeting up to start work at the crossing, it’s going to be a warm, 18 degrees. Yes. 18.

Omg. So sleepy…

Going to pass out now.


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Sushi Delivery? Yes Please!!!!!!

Well it has been one hell of an interesting day! It was my first day working with a customer out of town, and it has been a learning experience for us all! Tomorrow is sure to be just as crazy! I am getting such an awesome opportunity to work with a great group of railroad guys, and as confusing as this day started out, it was full of jokes and great laughs, and we all learned a good bit!

Other than work fun, it has been cold and rainy. Rain. Lots of rain. ALL DAY!!!!!! Ugh! So I got back to my hotel room, pretty much got ready for bed, and looked up places that deliver. I found a sushi place that delivers!!!!! Albeit they only deliver in a 2-3 mile radius. But guess who is staying at a hotel right up the road? This lady!!!! It’s taking a while though. I haven’t gotten it yet, and I’m hungry. :-/

Tonight will be an early one, because it will be a long, cold day tomorrow out at a crossing. Did I mention I’ll be outside all day in freezing temps? I didn’t?!?! So yeah! I’ll be freezing my butt off all day tomorrow! Hopefully a finger won’t fall off. Wish me luck!!!! Dinner is here!!!!! 🙂


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Walk, Eat, Walk, Beer, Walk, Beer, Walk, Eat, Walk, Walk, Walk…

So I got to Boston late Friday night. I was too tired to write anything. Last night I was planning on writing something short and sweet, but I had far too many “beverages” and fell asleep. It was a rough morning. I made it to Hamden, CT this evening though! One of the weirdest things out here though, is that with everything being further north, the sun sets even earlier!!!!! It is throwing me off!!! It feels like 9 o’clock at night when it’s only 6! I swear the sun goes down by 4:30!!!

Anyway, enough about the randomness. Let’s talk Saturday in Boston!!! So I looked up random things to do and asked everyone who had been what they recommended over the last week. Lots of possibilities for sure! So I ended up walking a bit of the Freedom Trail, went to Faneuil Hall, took a Boston harbor cruise, walked around the U.S.S. Constitution, walked around the U.S.S. Cassin Young, ate a late lunch at Legal Seafood, had a beer at the Granary Tavern, had a beer at Cheers, walked around the markets near Faneuil Hall, saw where the city Christmas tree was being prepped, got lost walking back to my hotel thanks to my phone not putting my location anywhere near where I was, and ended the night at the hotel bar with a few Irish coffees. That’s right. I said a few. Hence the reason I didn’t quite get around to writing anything last night. I think I squeezed in a good amount of activities for Saturday.

Today, after I checked out of the hotel, thank god they will hold your bags for the day, I decided to grab a chai latte at Starbucks and just go walking. I ended up walking over to little Italy and exploring that area a bit. That was a great spot! I wasn’t hungry when I went through there, but next time I won’t be able to resist the urge to eat some amazing Italian food! Since I forgot to ride the random carousel close to the aquarium yesterday, I rode it today. There were no horses on this thing! So I rode an owl. Went strolling around through the shops again, grabbed a Philly cheesesteak for lunch, started walking towards the hotel and ended up shopping with the locals in the Beacon Hill area. Didn’t get anything, but had a great time just walking around everywhere.

After all that, I loaded up my crap and headed off to the airport to get the rental car. So now I am in CT, about to head to bed. I am tired!

So good night and sweet dreams.










Brrrr, frickin’ cold!

It is going to be a chilly night. I can already tell you that. As soon as the engine was shut off and the heater was no more, I could feel the cold start to creep in, almost seeping through the windows. No wind blowing to help me sleep tonight. Just cold. Lots of cold…

On a warmer note, I took the change I had in a jar to the bank today. Nearly $300! Yay!!!! Boston spending money!!!!!!! I’m sure that won’t last long. :-/. All I know is that I am going to the original Cheers, the Freedom Trail, and maybe a place called Legal Seafood. I’m excited!!!!! There’s just so much to do, and I want to see how much I can cram in! 🙂

Tonight is going to be short and sweet. I have to be up super super early, and I am tired. Tomorrow is going to be a long and extremely busy day! So on that note, have a good night!



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