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Monday, Monday – There’s An Entire Song About It…

Whew!!!!! What a busy day today! It’s nice being back in the car all ready to get my sleep on! I never really figured just how comfy and cozy my car would really be. I still need to get some sort of covering for my back window, but thankfully it’s tinted enough to where you can’t see in without a light on inside. At least that’s what I tell myself for now.

Monday! Holiday season! Craziness!!!! Work is actually far busier than ever at this time of year. Normally there’s a Christmas/holiday season lag in the railroad industry. It will be crazy busy until January. So weird. Not that I am complaining. Oh no no no! It’s just strange. I actually enjoy being super busy. Makes the time fly by a bit faster. 🙂

Had girls night at miss D’s house. She cooked me dinner for the first time! It was delicious! That is definitely one of the major things I miss. I miss hosting my dinner/pizza nights. It was always fun to have a couple of friends over for a night of great food and beer and wine and watching weird YouTube videos on my Xbox. I can’t do any of those things unless I cook at a friend’s house. My Xbox is packed away. 😦
No kitchen gadgets. It’s sad. Maybe a slight bit pathetic.

I know there are some who would like me to talk more about my food experiences so far while living out of my car, but with the holidays around the corner and in my face, I will be waiting until after Thanksgiving prior to trying anything healthy and new, and then I’ll take a week off for Christmas/New Year. Just letting you know. Trust me, there are weird shakes for me to try soon. You know who you are and what I am referring to. 😉

Maybe it’s Q&A time? Is there something you are curious about when it comes to living in a car? Maybe you want to know what’s in the random drawers? How I transport any items I go shopping for? Ask me whatever you want! I’ll answer it! 🙂

So on that note, as it begins to get cooler and cooler in my car, it’s time for me to get under some blankets and drift off to dreamland. Sweet dreams, and thank you for taking the time to read my nonsense. I hope it makes you laugh. Well, at least I hope it makes you smile. Good night. 🙂


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