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Hanging Up The Lights

So I have totally not been in my car all weekend! Friday and Saturday I stayed at my mom’s. Tonight I am staying at my dad’s. Not that I mind staying in my car. The weather is perfect for it, but why pass up a floor/bed that’s offered to you? It is quite a bit more roomy. Just sayin. 😉

Friday was just a typical day at work, drove to mom’s, my sis made chicken alfredo for dinner, and we hung out and watched a movie. Standard dinner and a movie night at her house. Always love those! Saturday, well, it rained. All day! Blech! Typical lazy day. Didn’t do much really. Ended up going turkey day shopping and had to run some errands. No biggie. Spent some much needed quality time with my hairy kids. I think they miss me, and I know I miss them. I miss walking in the door after a day at work, and they would all come downstairs to greet me. I miss the little balls of fur all curled up around me when I went to bed at night. I don’t miss stepping on the random offerings of hairball and food puke, like cold, squishy land mines of nastiness. Gross! Even now I can feel it between my toes! Sorry. Moving on.

This morning was a good day for a brunch of bacon, fried eggs and toast. So delicious! Had a slight issue with the drain for the washing machine when I decided to do a load of laundry. Nothing like draining and then tossing buckets of water out the back door! Mom needs a new washer that doesn’t use 20+ gallons per load. Insanity!!! Whatever. I still got my clothes done!

After all that fun time, I headed up to my dad’s to assist with the putting up of Christmas lights. Almost got it done, but we were under severe time restrictions and didn’t get the last two strands. So close! My dad’s house has some very high eaves, and the roof angle is quite steep. I definitely tested my balancing skills on the ladders. I found two teeny tiny brown snakes that were probably hibernating and were disturbed by ladders and feet. They were so cute! So I picked them up to move them out of harms way. I am honestly worried if they are going to live. Seriously! My dad got to witness my oh-hell-no attitude with wasps flying by my face. Exactly! Oh hell no! No wasps by my head! Dad and I also got a shit ton of fiberglass in our arms. That makes the day pleasant. :-/

Anyway, so after all that, the church’ my dad goes to had an early turkey day dinner. It was pretty good! Ate a pretty good meal with a great group of people. 🙂

On that note, I am to bed! Good night and sweet dreams!



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