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Yes.  I realize it has been a few months since my last post.  I have to admit, my writing might become a tad boring, but I’ll let you be the judge of all that.  I am thinking I need to update the blog since it no longer involves living in my vehicle. So where should I begin?  Should I start off with the good or the bad?  The happy or the sad?   How about I jut start with something?

So, the holidays have come and gone.  We have gone through Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, New Year, and today, Groundhog Day.  Early Spring has been predicted if you weren’t in the know.  Keep up with the times people!  😉   Although here in Texas we have been having springlike weather for a while now, and I am really wishing it would be cold.  I mean, I love the warmth and the sun and all, but I have some really awesome boots that I would like to wear for a couple months.  Ridiculous.   Anyway, so I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season filled with love and family and happiness and joy.  I am still with the same incredible and wonderful guy that I have written about.  He has requested that I not bald on about his personal life, and I have agreed, but I will have to mention him from time to time since he is a part of my life.  I think he’s ok with that as long as I spare any details.  Let me just say this: he’s pretty fucking awesome, and I love the shit out of him!!!  😍😍😍😍😍

In other news, work he kept me busy.  I still pretty much do randomness, but that’s ok.  For now.  Maybe I don’t want to necessarily specialize in something, but then again, maybe I do. Maybe I need to. Maybe I need to broaden my horizons. Learn something new in the industry.  Not like you don’t learn something new nearly every day doing what I do, but I like to learn randomness everyday regardless.  One can never learn too much!  Life is full of so much information that it would be a shame to waste the opportunity.  

The mini me is doing extremely well.  She had her first winter guard competition a couple weekends ago, and they won first place!  So proud of her and all the girls!  They have their second one this weekend, and I am excited to see them in their costumes since they didn’t have them for the first one.   Should be pretty cool!  She also has a new boy interest in her life.  I continue to remind her that she has time, and that she still has to keep school and colorguard as her priorities.  She understands, but I also know that the closer they get the harder it is to keep your concentration.   She will learn.  Everyone does.  And let me tell you, the struggle is real!

Spring break is coming up next month, and I couldn’t be more excited!!! We are heading out to Angel Fire, NM for a few days!!!  It’s my man’s family’s annual vacation, and the mini and I get to go.  What’s even more exciting is that one of the mini’s best friends gets to come with us!!!!  That makes me super happy since she will be entertained and get to hang out with someone her own age.  That will make the whole trip so much better for her, plus I love hanging out with those two, and they are great at making me laugh.   Yay!!!!

Other than all that I am getting back into a gym routine after being lazy a couple months and being sick for one of those.  I didn’t really work out for a while there and enjoy far too much of the good the holidays offered.  But let me tell you, it was delicious and almost worth it!  Sadly I need to drop some weight again since I gained about 16 pounds.  Yeah. Yikes!!!!  So I am back at the attempting to eat healthy and work out at five a week.  Wish me luck!  

On that note, I am trying to keep my eyes open and not pass out.  So now I am going to pass out.  I hope you enjoyed the quick blurb about the happenings in my life.  I have a ton more to share, but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow or something.  Have a good night and sweet dreams.  Ciao!

-Bonnie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



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It’s Not New, It’s A Continuation…

So yeah. Happy New Year! All those resolutions should be in full swing by now. Right? I didn’t make any this year. I made goals, but not resolutions. What’s the point? I mean, it’s easier for me to give up something for Lent, and I’m not even religious! But to resolve to do something? That’s just too much pressure! Seriously! Thirty days? No problem! Undetermined amount of time to do something drastically different in order to appease the New Year gods? Nah! I have better shit to do! Trust me. I had been a victim of that for far too long! Time to reclaim my year for me!

Anyway. Had to get that off my chest. And yes. I feel much better now. 🙂 Did everyone have a fun time ringing in the New Year? I find it harder and harder to stay up until midnight. Maybe I’m just getting old? Maybe when you’re used to being in bed no later than ten to wake up by five it just doesn’t seem possible to stay up later? I do keep finding out that my body doesn’t like it when I drink. I mean, a couple bottles of sake, that’s fine. Four or six beers? No problem! Any more than that? Nope! No way! Body says to me the next day, “So, you think that was worth it? Do ya? Punk?” Yeah… Headache all the next day. All day! I felt perfectly fine except for that damn throbbing in my skull that wouldn’t go away. Ridiculous!!!!! I know better! Oh well.

So I do start getting to work on my major goal next week! I’m excited!!!! Actually I am dreading it a bit, but I know what the outcome will be when I apply myself. I will run and complete every obstacle in that Savage Race! 7 miles! ALL obstacles! I will do it!!!!! Oh god this is going to hurt! I know what lies ahead of me, and oh dear god! The pain! But oh the satisfaction!!!!!

On that note, let me know what your goals or resolutions are for this fabulous, new year! I have a feeling this is going to be one hell of an awesome year, especially after the crappy one we just survived. I know a lot of people who had a rough one, and some of that is being carried over into this one, but I have a feeling it will get better. It has to get better at some point, right? Anyway, let me know. Tell me your thoughts. Your dreams. Your fears. Your wishes. Share them so that we can all look forward to creating a year we’re excited about! Woohoo!!!!!!!!! 2015!

Now, where the F is my hover board?????





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