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Three! Like a BOSS!

Ok. So maybe not like a boss, but it’s not seeming to be too difficult getting this down. It feels like I am being very sneaky though. Almost as if I am doing something horribly wrong.

I do feel like I could play some terrible jokes on the cleaning crew at the office late at night. This could turn out to be fun! Maybe unplug their radio in the lobby, put all the toilet seats down, move stuff around on them while they take the elevator somewhere. I think it’s brilliant, and I know some of you would totally be in on it with me!

Checked my voicemail this evening, and my lovely and beautiful, best friend Jeni in Cali had called. I love that the people who are super close to me can joke about my homelessness. Although, I’m not really homeless per se, but more like house-less. My temporary home is on wheels, and I know I am welcome to borrow other’s houses if I need to. 🙂 I would like to thank everyone for the kind offers, but you all know I am extraordinarily stubborn.

Anyway, I get to fly out to Hamden, CT this month. This compelled me to look into flying into Boston and extending the trip to stay there for the weekend at my expense. This in turn got me to delve a bit more into the couch surfing world. Although I’m not thrilled that they try to charge you $25 to verify that you are who you say you are. I mean, I understand. Lots of weirdos out there. Lots of creepy, oogie, nasty weirdos out there looking to grease up a couch and steal some prescription meds. I totally understand how it could be nerve racking lending out a couch to a complete stranger. It is pretty cool to know that there are so many people who are still willing to put their homes out there like that. So, instead of a hotel that I will pretty much only use for sleeping anyway, I figured why not see about a couch? Gets me in touch with a local or two and forces me to meet new people and put myself in a crazy, uncomfortable situation. We shall see if it all works out. I’ll let you know.

Well, I am off to sleep in my cozy nest of awesome! I found a zero degree sleeping bag on Overstock that I am going to buy. I’ll need it! So with that, good night and sweet dreams!


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