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Another Quickie!

Still here in Golden and loving it!!!  I am currently at brewery #3, Mountain Toad Brewery.  Not sure why this place only has 4 stars, because I dig the beer here way more than at Coors and Golden City.  I tried five of their beers and was not disappointed with any of them!!!

I was debating on doing more hiking today, but decided I’d check this place out instead. This morning I stopped at a place called Cafe 13 for some breakfast and coffee.  Ended up devouring an egg, ham, and cheddar croissant along with a pumpkin spice latte. So delicious!!!

After that I went for a quick walk on the Triceratops Trail!  Was not disappointed there either!  It was a ton of fun!  Short and sweet.  Then I drove up lookout mountain to a trailhead there and hiked another 2.5 miles or so.  It definitely paid off at the end!!

So I hiked back down that one and drove back into town. I am in love with Golden.  I could totally live here.  I know.  I know. Nowhere near a beach.  But it is beautiful here!!!!  Check out the creek that runs through town!

Anyway, deciding on if I want to do more hiking or walk around Golden some more.  Think I might walk around town a bit.  After I have another beer or two of course!!!  I’ll update the blog again soon!   If you want to follow me on Instagram or Snapchat find me.  Oceangrrrl on Snapchat and Oceanblc on Instagram. Pretty easy.  Find me!

Ciao for now!!!!!


Coors Brewery Tour

Headin out for the evening to Golden Coty Brewery.

Triceratops Trail


Keep walking, keep walking…

After a decent night of sleep, I took my time getting up and ready to hit the streets of San Francisco. Stopped at the Starbucks on my way out and headed t 1.5 miles to Chinatown. I somehow made my way up Knob Hill. It’s one heck of a hill! My legs will be feeling that one tomorrow! I then walked around some more and stumbled upon Coit Tower. That was pretty cool. Went up to the top and took some pics of the incredible views.
After Coit Tower I walked my way over to the pier 39 area. Took a bay cruise and went under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz. I walked in over to Fisherman’s Wharf and had a late lunch at Francisco’s Crab Restaurant. It was pretty good! Crab cakes and yellowtail carpaccio and crab enchiladas and chocolate truffle mousse cake; all made up my splurge meal of the trip. 🙂 I ended up walking through the Fisherman’s Wharf area for a bit and started making my way back to the hotel when I decided to see just how far away I was. I had a good 40 minute walk back to the hotel according to Google Maps, and I said screw it and dialed Uber! Traffic was a nightmare, but at least I wasn’t walking back to my hotel in the dark.

So now I lay me down to sleep, and I leave you with some pictures of my adventure today. Enjoy!

Goodnight and sweet dreams!














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