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First Day…

on November 4, 2014

Just to start off, I have had maybe three hours of sleep.  I am tired…

But I got everything out of the house and into my car (which is filled to the brim), and half of that crap will be in storage (also nearly full) once I get out of the office!  WOOHOO!!!  Celebration!!!!

First day officially homeless (by choice), and it feels a bit strange.

First day to ever set up a blog.  I have no idea if it has been done right.  I guess I will find out…

First day to…

…no.  I think that’s it.  Not much more than that.

Although I am great at picking days to start things.  I mean, why not choose the day where a cold front will come in and mix with warm Gulf air and pour down rain all day?  Why the hell not?

Anyway, enough about nothing.  For the few I have told about my recent choices in life, they’ll understand what this is all about.  For those of you who have yet to know who I am, I’ll give you some back story.  🙂

I have made a lot of stupid decisions in my life  A lot!  Due to the way I was brought up, no mistake is stupid if you learn from it.  I have learned bunches!  Along with some of the more recent decisions I have made in my life, debt came along with it all.  Ex-marital debt to be exact.  I got to live in Hawaii during my last marriage, and when my husband at the time decided he wanted to move back to Texas, I was given the choice to get divorced and stay in Hawaii or move back with him.  If you guessed that I made a stupid decision and moved back with him to Texas, you would win some sort of prize.  Sadly I wouldn’t be able to afford to get one to you, but I can say you got a gold star for the day.  Yea!

So, I got to put the majority of our move back on my credit cards, still ended up with that lovely divorce, and the parting gift was getting to keep all that debt.  I have been stuck with it for a few years now.  Needless to say I am tired of working just to pay bills.  It’s just me supporting me.  It’s expensive!  I am sure the majority of you know what I am talking about!  I have an amazing job!  I get paid pretty well.  I should be able to enjoy my life.  I should be able to pay for a vacation or be able to purchase plane tickets in an emergency situation.  I should have an emergency fund.  I should be able to contribute to my daughter’s college fund.  I should be putting money aside for my retirement, because I’m pretty sure I’ll be retiring alone.  I should be capable of getting my car worked on when it needs it, rather than waiting for that selector switch to kick in and put my car in 4WD!  It’s even more fun when it decides to come out of gear altogether while on the freeway.  What can I say, keeps me on my toes!

Now I am at the point where all of my belongings are in storage.  Ok.  Maybe 98% of my belongings are in storage.  The rest are in my car.  That is where I plan to sleep every night.  I planned it all out.  Read books about living in cars and learned I was already planning for all the things in the books.  Not much help there except for reassurance that I was definitely not alone in this.  Showers you ask?  The gym.  Where am I going to park?  Um, how about next to our maintenance truck that’s always parked right outside the office building.  Check!  Emergency restroom situations you say?  Parked right next to the office building where I have keycard access!  I got this!  What about if it’s really cold outside?  Seriously?!?!  I’ll be fine.  What about having your daughter with you on the weekends?  I can just head South an hour to my mom’s house for the weekend.  It works out perfectly!

Guess I should get back to work, otherwise this car thing may become permanent.  I’ll let you know how the first night goes…


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