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Cheating On Night 2

on November 5, 2014

So like I said before, this week is the trial and error week, and I can’t help it if I visit family and spend the night at their house after cooking dinner, doing laundry, and getting my butt whooped at Rummikub! I think I was just too tired for simple math this evening… Yes. I’m sticking with that!

I realized I have far too many articles of clothing in my car at the moment, and I don’t vary my wardrobe much… I’m beginning to wonder if the guys at work think I only own five or six different shirts. A run to storage to offload clothes is in my future tomorrow.

Still haven’t done anything about the privacy curtains, but I think I may have come up with some sort of solution. I’ll let you know when it’s put into action. Probably over the weekend. I get to help my mom with some roofing, so maybe I can put her sewing skills to work a little bit. Fair trade maybe???

I am off to bed. An actual bed! Need to remember to get a winter blanket. A gel mattress topper from Costco is also on the list of to-gets (thank you Paul!). So with that, I am off to dream for a few hours.


4 responses to “Cheating On Night 2

  1. pharns says:

    Just come back to Cali and you can stay here for free….


  2. Jenirose Price says:

    I think its great what you are doing and most people would not be as bold. You are a brave woman and I think that is shows how tough you really are.

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