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Sushi Delivery? Yes Please!!!!!!

on November 17, 2014

Well it has been one hell of an interesting day! It was my first day working with a customer out of town, and it has been a learning experience for us all! Tomorrow is sure to be just as crazy! I am getting such an awesome opportunity to work with a great group of railroad guys, and as confusing as this day started out, it was full of jokes and great laughs, and we all learned a good bit!

Other than work fun, it has been cold and rainy. Rain. Lots of rain. ALL DAY!!!!!! Ugh! So I got back to my hotel room, pretty much got ready for bed, and looked up places that deliver. I found a sushi place that delivers!!!!! Albeit they only deliver in a 2-3 mile radius. But guess who is staying at a hotel right up the road? This lady!!!! It’s taking a while though. I haven’t gotten it yet, and I’m hungry. :-/

Tonight will be an early one, because it will be a long, cold day tomorrow out at a crossing. Did I mention I’ll be outside all day in freezing temps? I didn’t?!?! So yeah! I’ll be freezing my butt off all day tomorrow! Hopefully a finger won’t fall off. Wish me luck!!!! Dinner is here!!!!! 🙂


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