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Just Felt Like It…

on May 10, 2018

Not sure why I am still awake, let alone writing anything. It’s been a while. It’s normal now. I’m not sure I have anything super interesting to write about. I’m doing my best to keep my personal life just that. After the last failure I discovered I don’t have to put my life out there for appearances. I have also been trying to steer away from too much social media and pretty much been spending all of that cumulative time on Instagram. Not only do I have my personal profile, but I also put my cat Sausage out there for the world to see. Seriously though, check out Sausage the Cat. She’s fat and fluffy and has beautiful blue eyes.

But just so you know, I am incredibly happy! Life isn’t easy, but it’s good! Work is work, and it’s hard finding joy in it anymore. The main face and smile of the Sunshine Committee is finding it extremely difficult spreading the sunshine to others. I think I may have lost my spirit. But I’m still chugging along. Responsibilities come first. But seriously though, what have I been doing with my life? Not fulfilling my calling, that’s for sure!

Anyway, not to dull the shine anymore than I already have, that’s my quick update. Maybe I’ll write more soon. Maybe I won’t. Mother’s Day is this Sunday! So please thank your mom and give her a hug if she was an amazing mom. I know I was blessed with an amazing mom!!!! I don’t always show her, but she had better damn well know how much she is loved! Even when she doesn’t feel like she is. I need to do a much better job of reminding her, because I have been slacking in the good daughter department for sure! I love you, Mom! Plus I got two bonus moms! That’s a lot of love growing up! I couldn’t have asked for more!


3 responses to “Just Felt Like It…

  1. Kindashy says:

    Random, spastic ramblings about a whole lot of nothin will always be accepted as a welcome tidbit when it’s accompanied by an “I’m happy” notation…..!
    ……and here’s you a preemptive “Happy Mother’s Day” for ya…..Sunshine…..
    Happy Mother’s Day……..!!!!!

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  2. Alex Scavello says:

    As someone who puts a hell of a lot out there about my personal life, my struggles, my hopes and dreams, my battles etc…I don’t ever find myself doing it for appearances like you talked about. Nor do I take any of what you have ever written (so far) to be coming off that way. You should not be ashamed of any aspect of the journey or sharing it, but I get what you are saying.

    For me personally, I just share my life not for appearances, but for understanding. As much as this may sound a way it’s not intended, i’ve never cared what the world thought of me. I don;t live my life to please others per se. I DO CARE what family, friends, and loved ones think of me. But your average joe on the street? NOPE

    So much of who I am is hidden behind a forced societal smile sometimes, so I try to open up a bit and let the walls (and my guard) down from time to time. For no other reason than to show the real me to the ones I love.

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