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Moving Along…

So the day of commercial love has come and gone! I have survived!!! Heart is still intact!!! Not like it was ever in any real danger or anything, but it does make a lot of stupid decisions!!!

I would also like to take this time to apologize for my last post. It was waaaaaaaaaaay more whiny than I intended. Life is not that bad, but the universe was frustrating me a bit, and I shared my emotional outburst with everyone like a broken-hearted, temper tantrum, flailing, screaming toddler who just wants that bright, shiny object at the checkout counter. Some of you, I know, truly enjoy living through my craziness. Maybe I make you feel sane? Others I am sure wonder why they still have me in their FB friends list. And still some of you are truly interested in reading about the randomness of my days. This, I believe, still helps with that whole sanity thing. 😉

It was a pretty good weekend though! The weather was beautiful!!! Yesterday I went to see Fifty Shades of Grey with Miss D! NOT as racy as the book, but damn!!! Definitely, uh, made the theater feel a bit hotter. Definitely! Aft wards we went out to The Reservoir for some grub. We split the smorgasbord, which is a sampler of basically their fried appetizers. After ordering it I ordered a skinny rita. This made me feel like the chick at the fast food place who orders a diet coke with their super sized order. It was Valentine’s Day! Totally worth it!!!!!!!! After all that, I went to River Legacy where my best friend and I hung out and played catch. Always fun! Although my arms were a tad spaghetti-ish from the gym that morning. It was awesome Chinese food for dinner and then back to my mom’s where we stayed up watching Aliens until 2am.

Today was an early day. Lunch at Central Market with family to celebrate my sister in-law’s baby shower. Then we all went to the gun show!!!! Woohoo!!!! Nothing says Valentine’s weekend like a family trip to the gun show!!! Can’t find my damn ammo anywhere, or if I do it’s super expensive! Argh!!!!

Anyway, need to get all cozied up in my nest and pass out! I have an assignment for you all! I was reminded of this yesterday, and it always makes me laugh! Go to YouTube and search for “fucking tea”. You’ll be happy you did! Should be the first video on the list! If you don’t think it’s funny, well then, we need to work on your sense of humor!!!

Good night and sweet dreams!



I Feel Like Writing A Bit…

So I am chillin in the car. Just thinking. My stomach is making random noises like something out of an aliens movie. The wind is blowing as a Texas cold front continues to drop our spring-like temps back into winter reality. Although a Texas winter is like spring to the North. I am not apologetic about this. I like not having to step outside into weather that hurts my face. It’s nice! No negative thirties here! Woohoo!!! So 😛

I have so much randomness going through my head. Especially since stupid Valentines Day is fast approaching. It’s stupid, because I’m single. Not that I am really in a place in my life to start a relationship, but the thought is always nice. Can’t really bust out with a, “Hey baby. Why don’t you come back to my place?” Hahaha!!! Yeah! Like guys living with their parents aren’t a turn off!!! But you know, just because I’m not relationship worthy at the moment doesn’t mean that I don’t like to be hit on. I mean, really? And I’m sorry, but creepy, stalker guys that live in windowless vans don’t count! Oh sure we could share car living tips, but I will not be seeing what that shag carpet looks like in the inside. Nope! I will not get in your van thinking I’m helping you as you load a couch into it and push me to the back. I refuse to be a dress!!!!!!

Seriously though. This is where my self confidence thinks, wtf? I don’t need anyone else’s approval, but then again I do. It’s flattering when people are nice and hold open a door or they smile or say or start s conversation. But it’s so rare for me anymore. Am I ugly? I don’t think I am. I mean, I’m very far from Miss Texas pretty, but I don’t look like that chick from A League Of Their Own either. You know the one!!! Am I intimidating? I don’t really see it. I’m always smiling and trying to keep my body language open, but obviously I am doing it all wrong. Maybe I come off as a but stand-offish? Maybe guys don’t like women who can take care of themselves? Maybe I’m too tall? Maybe I’m too fat? Maybe maybe maybe!!!!!!! It’s enough to drive somebody insane!!! Hit on me dammit!!!!! Say hi! Use a GD pick up line you got off a gum wrapper! Anything!!!!

I need sleep. I’ll just be dreaming of an adventure I’ll most likely go on alone…



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