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Mmm, toasty!

So I am not in my car again this evening. Picked up my mini me from practice this evening and went to my other mother’s house for dinner. Had an amazing tortellini soup with cheddar cheese biscuits on the side. It was good! So I repaid my dinner and lodging for the evening, and helped sort the enormous amounts of Tupperware and random assortments of containers and Rubbermaid, and well, you get the point. Although trying to match lids with containers was like a puzzle, so my brain was quite content doing it. Let me just say, the cabinets look great! 🙂

Back to the whole car life thing, nothing feels more strange than talking to your daughter about living out of your car. She’s 13, mind you, and I’m sure she is trying to grasp all the reasons why I would do such a thing, but she seems to be understanding. I don’t know. It is an odd subject. Just so taboo in today’s society. People who wandered the earth and traveled from place to place always had a bad reputation. Look at it this way, you’re a gypsy traveling from small village to small village. You are cultures due to being around so many different people and seeing so many different things. You have a zest for experiencing adventure, but to town dwellers you are a free spirit. Never settling down. Always moving, always being open, perceived to be disrespectful. And we all know, one person’s perception is their reality. You may see yourself as open and fun loving, but they may see you as irresponsible and reckless. So, it is a difficult subject to bring up, even to the people I know understand. It still just has that stigma of being oh so wrong. How dare I turn my back on society and refuse to rent or own.

People ask why I never had a roommate. Because I am no longer in my twenties, and I’m selfish. I don’t want to be sharing things with people. You see, I am on me of those rare gems who takes care of other peoples’ things, but far too many times the kindnesses backfires.

Anyways. I am tired!!!! Falling asleep while I write so I need to close up shop for the evening. So, on that note, good night and sweet dreams! :*


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Mom, Your Roof Is Fixed.

So after work today I drove down to help my mom with her roof again. It was cold. I did not want to be on a roof this evening in the cold wind, but she Obi Wan’ed me into coming down. I was her only hope. Yeah. Mmmhmm.

Sooooooooo, I’m just staying at my mom’s tonight. I mean, it’ll be warmer, and besides, she made me chili. I am super full! It was really good! Me=happy. 😀 Here I am, ready to pass out, with two cats laying on me and one to my left. I miss my hairy babies!!!!

On that note I am off to sleep. I’ve got an early day tomorrow. Good night and sweet dreams!




Cold Front Coming In

I just felt like being an introvert this evening after plans with a friend fell through. So what do I do? I call my mom. Then I go buy some sake! If you know your sake, you know the best sake is actually served chilled. Thank you, 007, for making people think you drink it hot! Not that there’s anything wrong with that! I like my hot, cheap sake with a hint of Midori, wonderfully called a kryptonite due to the pretty green hue. Add chambord instead, and you’ve got a purple haze. There ya go! Alcohol lesson for the night. But seriously, I’m enjoying a pleasantly carbonated sake called Hana-Awaka, or in English, Sparkling Flower. This stuff is good!!!!!!

So, anyway, back to car stuff. I was bored. I felt like being my usual, introverted self. I figured why go be alone around others, when I can happily lounge around in my jammies, drink my sake, write on the ol’ blog, and maybe watch some Netflix on my phone? I mean, really? Why the hell not!!! It’s comfy and warm in here. Curtains are up and blocking out the world. The wind is howling outside. Inside, it’s nice, and I find myself quite content. 🙂

There really is a cold front coming in though. I can’t wait!!! Although I left my super warm sweatpants at my mom’s on Sunday. :-/ I have my warm, wool winter knee-high socks to keep my footsies warm!!!!! Oh how I have missed them!!!! They’re really snowboarding socks, but they work great even when I’m not cruising down the mountain. Whoa! Crazy wind shaking the car! I am going to sleep like a frickin’ rock!!!! Yeah!!!

Oh! Something I love about the sake I’m drinking tonight, it says that it’s a refreshing after work drink! I love the way they think!!!!

Back on track again, so the battery in my home keeps dying if I leave anything left to drain it at all. I used to be able to leave crap plugged in overnight and had no issues. Now it’s ten seconds and the car says NOPE! Just what I need, having to go out and buy a new battery. I just replaced a burned out headlight last week! Argh!!!!

By the way, I am curious to know who reads this shit. Leave me a comment with your name or even just your initials. I don’t know that many people to where I can’t figure it out. Also, just follow me, and you’ll get a notice about any new posts. 🙂 Well happy evenings to you!




Sunday Fun Day

Well, it has definitely been a good weekend. Got to do some roofing with my mom and spent time with my hairy babies: Cali, Harley and Baby Kitty. Rewatched the Boondock Saints movies along with Rocky Horror Picture Show, which I found out was released on VHS on Nov. 8, 1990. Pretty interesting. Reorganized my car a bit. It feels a bit roomier now, and my drawers are a bit more conveniently placed. Much better. 🙂

I did take some pictures of my home so you could get an idea of how it’s setup, but I have been doing this from my phone, and I don’t know how to load the photos onto the blog from here. I’ll figure it out. Just be patient. It shall be done!

Well, I am keeping it short and sweet this evening, as I am tired. And with that, good night and sweet dreams.


I think I just figured out the picture thing. You lucky dogs! 😉 G’night!






Keeping A Secret

I find that I am being a bit more open about my situation than I originally planned. Don’t get me wrong, I am not embarrassed by my current chosen status. I just don’t like enduring the questions and concerned looks as though I am going through some unfathomable period in my life. I don’t want to be pitied or looked down on for my choice. I have chosen this as my my current situation. I am happy. I am good with this. I am doing what I have been planning for months now. This was not some last second decision I was forced into. And as I have mentioned before, thank you for the acts of kindness in offering me a place to stay. I will not take you up on those offers. I don’t care how many spare rooms you have. I don’t care if you’re not at home on the weekends. I have no desire to take anyone up on anything that has anything to do with my staying at anyone’s house.

I may take you up on the whole parking in the driveway thing. I may also take you up on a single night where I come over and make you dinner and have a couple drinks. So there are a couple of exceptions to my stubbornness. 🙂

Even with all of that, I am still keeping this mostly secretive. People who know have been asked not to tell anyone else. If I have said its ok to tell so and so, then that’s fine. But only tell so and so and please stress the discreetness of my instructions. I know there will be family who ask about how I am doing. All that needs to be said is that I am doing well, enjoying work, and happy. Simple as that. When I feel I want to open up more to others, then that is up to me. I hope you understand, and I hope this wasn’t too dramatic a post.

Go ahead. Worry about me all you want. I’m fine. Really. Besides, it’s Texas. Don’t think I’m doing all this with only a machete in the car… 😉

Good night and sweet dreams.


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Couching It For The Weekend

Staying at my mom’s for the weekend, so no fun car stories to be told. A few mods will be made to my “home”, and I will post some pics so you can get an idea of where I actually “live”. 🙂

Oh! I get to fly out to Boston this coming weekend!!!!! I am so frickin’ excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I am exhausted and going to bed now. I’ll add some pics over the weekend. The wait shall be over!!!!

Nighty night and sweet dreams. 🙂


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Three! Like a BOSS!

Ok. So maybe not like a boss, but it’s not seeming to be too difficult getting this down. It feels like I am being very sneaky though. Almost as if I am doing something horribly wrong.

I do feel like I could play some terrible jokes on the cleaning crew at the office late at night. This could turn out to be fun! Maybe unplug their radio in the lobby, put all the toilet seats down, move stuff around on them while they take the elevator somewhere. I think it’s brilliant, and I know some of you would totally be in on it with me!

Checked my voicemail this evening, and my lovely and beautiful, best friend Jeni in Cali had called. I love that the people who are super close to me can joke about my homelessness. Although, I’m not really homeless per se, but more like house-less. My temporary home is on wheels, and I know I am welcome to borrow other’s houses if I need to. 🙂 I would like to thank everyone for the kind offers, but you all know I am extraordinarily stubborn.

Anyway, I get to fly out to Hamden, CT this month. This compelled me to look into flying into Boston and extending the trip to stay there for the weekend at my expense. This in turn got me to delve a bit more into the couch surfing world. Although I’m not thrilled that they try to charge you $25 to verify that you are who you say you are. I mean, I understand. Lots of weirdos out there. Lots of creepy, oogie, nasty weirdos out there looking to grease up a couch and steal some prescription meds. I totally understand how it could be nerve racking lending out a couch to a complete stranger. It is pretty cool to know that there are so many people who are still willing to put their homes out there like that. So, instead of a hotel that I will pretty much only use for sleeping anyway, I figured why not see about a couch? Gets me in touch with a local or two and forces me to meet new people and put myself in a crazy, uncomfortable situation. We shall see if it all works out. I’ll let you know.

Well, I am off to sleep in my cozy nest of awesome! I found a zero degree sleeping bag on Overstock that I am going to buy. I’ll need it! So with that, good night and sweet dreams!


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Cheating On Night 2

So like I said before, this week is the trial and error week, and I can’t help it if I visit family and spend the night at their house after cooking dinner, doing laundry, and getting my butt whooped at Rummikub! I think I was just too tired for simple math this evening… Yes. I’m sticking with that!

I realized I have far too many articles of clothing in my car at the moment, and I don’t vary my wardrobe much… I’m beginning to wonder if the guys at work think I only own five or six different shirts. A run to storage to offload clothes is in my future tomorrow.

Still haven’t done anything about the privacy curtains, but I think I may have come up with some sort of solution. I’ll let you know when it’s put into action. Probably over the weekend. I get to help my mom with some roofing, so maybe I can put her sewing skills to work a little bit. Fair trade maybe???

I am off to bed. An actual bed! Need to remember to get a winter blanket. A gel mattress topper from Costco is also on the list of to-gets (thank you Paul!). So with that, I am off to dream for a few hours.



First Morning…

Well, I definitely need to wake up earlier.  You know, before it starts getting light and people are driving in to work.

I have some improvements to make for sure!  I was quite comfortable, but I think I am going to look into a foam pad or something.  Also, it got a bit chillier in there than I thought it would, so I definitely need to add some winter blankets before it actually gets cold.  As I mentioned last night, definitely need some privacy curtains for the windows, so I will have to look into rigging something that is easy to put up and take down.  Also need to make sure I have bags ready the night before so I can just head to the gym or get straight to work or whatever it is I plan on doing.

Even though I slept in the car last night, I got sleep!  SLEEP!!!  With this move and all the crap going on, I have not gotten nearly as much sleep as my body requires for normal, everyday function.  I woke up looking alive this morning!  So yea!!!!

Anyway, back to work again.  Ciao for now!


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First evening, so far…

Well, my car nest is quite comfy actually, and I realize I need some privacy curtains. Badly!
All in all it’s nice. 🙂
This week is just my breaking in time, and next week will be the beginning of incorporating the gym into the routine every morning. For now I just need some sleep. Three hours does not a happy girl make! I’ll let you know how it goes getting ready in the office bathroom, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t sleep in.
Just thinking of it as a very long camping trip. A couple of weeks and the routine should be down and easy! Nighty night!!!!


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