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Mmm, toasty!

on November 12, 2014

So I am not in my car again this evening. Picked up my mini me from practice this evening and went to my other mother’s house for dinner. Had an amazing tortellini soup with cheddar cheese biscuits on the side. It was good! So I repaid my dinner and lodging for the evening, and helped sort the enormous amounts of Tupperware and random assortments of containers and Rubbermaid, and well, you get the point. Although trying to match lids with containers was like a puzzle, so my brain was quite content doing it. Let me just say, the cabinets look great! 🙂

Back to the whole car life thing, nothing feels more strange than talking to your daughter about living out of your car. She’s 13, mind you, and I’m sure she is trying to grasp all the reasons why I would do such a thing, but she seems to be understanding. I don’t know. It is an odd subject. Just so taboo in today’s society. People who wandered the earth and traveled from place to place always had a bad reputation. Look at it this way, you’re a gypsy traveling from small village to small village. You are cultures due to being around so many different people and seeing so many different things. You have a zest for experiencing adventure, but to town dwellers you are a free spirit. Never settling down. Always moving, always being open, perceived to be disrespectful. And we all know, one person’s perception is their reality. You may see yourself as open and fun loving, but they may see you as irresponsible and reckless. So, it is a difficult subject to bring up, even to the people I know understand. It still just has that stigma of being oh so wrong. How dare I turn my back on society and refuse to rent or own.

People ask why I never had a roommate. Because I am no longer in my twenties, and I’m selfish. I don’t want to be sharing things with people. You see, I am on me of those rare gems who takes care of other peoples’ things, but far too many times the kindnesses backfires.

Anyways. I am tired!!!! Falling asleep while I write so I need to close up shop for the evening. So, on that note, good night and sweet dreams! :*


One response to “Mmm, toasty!

  1. Pharns says:

    I couldn’t agree more.. I spent YEARS traveling the world and living out of my suitcase with the military with no real “home” and people thought I was crazy.. That was some of the best experiences of my life. Now with my new career I’m thinking about traveling the world again as an audio engineer and cinematographer. Why not!! My kids are grown and pretty much on their own now. I see a 6 month stint on a cruise ship in my future….

    I love my own space and being selfish too.. Besides, just like you said, people don’t respect your stuff anyways. I was always taught and practice today… If you use or borrow something, leave it in better condition than you found it..PERIOD!!! :-). Keep being the rare bird you are, I love you for it.. XO


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