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Just a Quickie

on January 8, 2015

Well, I just wanted to write a quick note to let everyone I am still alive!!!! I know I know. I continue to slack on this whole blog thing. Yeah yeah. I’ll start writing more. It does strike me odd that any of you are actually interested in what I have to say, but just so you know, it also gives me the warm and fuzzies. 🙂 I like it!

So I started house/dog sitting and training this week. Poor dog. She is going to be so happy when her mama comes home! She is lonely, and I am not one to cuddle up with her, so I know she misses her mommy. Her name is Ginger. She’s a really good dog! Ugly (you know this, Min), but very well trained! Great dog! I also find the fact that she doesn’t like kids to be quite humorous. Yes. I think it’s funny.

So training is going to be fun! I really do enjoy it! I know it’s going to be hard and progressives get harder, but it’s still fun. So major props to my new trainer who makes torturing myself fun!!! I need this, and I know what the rewards are. I’m super excited.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight. I am super tired. Have a good night everyone. Ciao!



One response to “Just a Quickie

  1. Madi Boltwood says:

    Hahaha YAY!!!! training!!!! I love and miss you! Sorry I haven’t been texting you I have been so busy in the morning and yesterday I had a Language Arts reading benchmark for STAAR and I made a 90!!!!!!!! My teacher was really proud of me! Oh and I’m going to send you a picture of my report card tomorrow morning 🙂 love and miss you! GOOD NIGHT!


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