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Back To It!

on March 14, 2015

Well, I had better get ready to be back in the car!  After three weeks of house, dog and cat sitting, I have enjoyed the comfort of a bed, shower and privacy.  Now it’s back to gym showers and being aware of security driving by.  Thankfully the nights won’t be freezing, so the uvula should be happy.  🙂

Training is going well.  The added protein is definitely making a difference. Now if I could only get some sleep!  Let’s just say I haven’t been getting my 7-8 hours each night.  Sooooo sleeeeeeeepy. So I have a 5k on March 28th.  Then I am going to participate in a 15k obstacle race April 11th.  And just for fun, I’ll be throwing in a one mile beer run on May 1st!   These will be a fun way of seeing what I need to work on.  Woohoo!!!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick note about current happenings.  Not too much going on besides that.  I am off to sleep!  Good night and sweet dreams!!!


2 responses to “Back To It!

  1. Madi Boltwood says:

    So Juli did this new thing… starting tomorrow I won’t be able to use the kindle web because she made a new family account thingy interpreters everyone by profile. A timer will restrict kindle use after 9:00 each night, and so I won’t be able to read your blog anymore… 😦 I’m really mad about this… she got drew the newest kindle so now instead of getting us computers/laptops she is only going to get us keyboards that connect to the kindle through Bluetooth…. 😦 😦 😦 it’s so stupid. I’m sorry I won’t be able to read the blog anymore…( that was one thing I always looked forward to) but yeah, just telling you now 😦 I love. and miss you! GOOD NIGHT/morning! -for every blog I won’t be able to see. I ❤ you much!!!!


  2. Madi Boltwood says:

    Interpreters is supposed to be that separates


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