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Forgive, Don’t Forget, Moving On…

on April 5, 2015

This last week was a pretty shitty one. Between my daughter’s step-mother and that drama and hating my job and just being on the low side of my roller coaster, I am super thrilled it’s over!  Things didn’t improve until Thursday evening when I grabbed some coffee with my best guy friend and caught up on the Walking Dead.  Friday morning was spent helping a friend of mine basically rip out every plant around her house.  We still have some work to, and it was a lot of work, but it was so much fun!!!!  I got to ride on the back of a motorcycle for the first time in my life!!!!  I am sure I had the craziest smile on my face while going around the neighborhood, but that’s because I was in frickin heaven!!!  Only makes me want one more now!!!!  Got my hair did after gardening, picked up my mini me, went to a Good Friday service at my dad and step mom’s church (which was absolutely terrible, I’m sorry Min, it just wasn’t my kind of service, but I’m glad I went!), went out for some dinner at a place I had never been, and just had a good night with family!  Friday was a great day! 

Saturday morning was training (awesome training session! Had me craving more!) and got the munchkin and headed down to my mom’s where my sister was visiting!  So we helped out with my mom’s garden and got the fence up and picked out as many frickin rocks as we could, along with glass and old, metal chunks.   Got some corn and bush beans planted, but it was getting dark and a storm was coming, so that all that was put out.  Saturday was just great!!!

Sunday was also great!!!  I’m not going to elaborate much more than that, because I was hoping to have been asleep for a long while now.  So with that I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter/zombie day!!!

Nighty night


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