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Cold Front Coming In

on November 10, 2014

I just felt like being an introvert this evening after plans with a friend fell through. So what do I do? I call my mom. Then I go buy some sake! If you know your sake, you know the best sake is actually served chilled. Thank you, 007, for making people think you drink it hot! Not that there’s anything wrong with that! I like my hot, cheap sake with a hint of Midori, wonderfully called a kryptonite due to the pretty green hue. Add chambord instead, and you’ve got a purple haze. There ya go! Alcohol lesson for the night. But seriously, I’m enjoying a pleasantly carbonated sake called Hana-Awaka, or in English, Sparkling Flower. This stuff is good!!!!!!

So, anyway, back to car stuff. I was bored. I felt like being my usual, introverted self. I figured why go be alone around others, when I can happily lounge around in my jammies, drink my sake, write on the ol’ blog, and maybe watch some Netflix on my phone? I mean, really? Why the hell not!!! It’s comfy and warm in here. Curtains are up and blocking out the world. The wind is howling outside. Inside, it’s nice, and I find myself quite content. 🙂

There really is a cold front coming in though. I can’t wait!!! Although I left my super warm sweatpants at my mom’s on Sunday. :-/ I have my warm, wool winter knee-high socks to keep my footsies warm!!!!! Oh how I have missed them!!!! They’re really snowboarding socks, but they work great even when I’m not cruising down the mountain. Whoa! Crazy wind shaking the car! I am going to sleep like a frickin’ rock!!!! Yeah!!!

Oh! Something I love about the sake I’m drinking tonight, it says that it’s a refreshing after work drink! I love the way they think!!!!

Back on track again, so the battery in my home keeps dying if I leave anything left to drain it at all. I used to be able to leave crap plugged in overnight and had no issues. Now it’s ten seconds and the car says NOPE! Just what I need, having to go out and buy a new battery. I just replaced a burned out headlight last week! Argh!!!!

By the way, I am curious to know who reads this shit. Leave me a comment with your name or even just your initials. I don’t know that many people to where I can’t figure it out. Also, just follow me, and you’ll get a notice about any new posts. 🙂 Well happy evenings to you!



6 responses to “Cold Front Coming In

  1. Barbara says:

    There is nothing wrong with being an introvert every once in awhile, I find it’s good to be alone with our thoughts occasionally. Sorry about your sweat pants, blame me, I forgot to grab them off the dryer, hopefully I can get them to you before your trip to Boston……if you think we’re going to be cold down here, just wait till you get up in the north east, brrrrrr cold chill.

    Wish I could go on the trip with you, talk to you tomorrow! 🙂

    Love you, Mom

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  2. Sarah says:

    Sarah 🙂


  3. Pharns says:

    Pharns.. 🙂


  4. Jared says:

    You should look into running a deep cycle battery or an optima yellow top. Maybe drive out my way for a visit and I could fab you up a separate battery pack and mount it on the roof with a trickle charger that is solar!

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