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Cruisin Around Cali

on December 14, 2014

Today I had two major items on my to do list. One was to get to a beach. The other was to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. I checked out of the hotel this morning, after a fun adventure of tripping the breaker and losing power in my room while blow drying my hair. Yep. You read that right. Total first for me! I suggested on their guest card that they might want to look into that, along with replacing their mattress. So, I checked out, grabbed some Starbucks, got my car, and I headed for a beach. Nothing like the sound of crashing waves in the distance and the sweet sounds of the ocean running up the sandy shore. Love it!!!! I miss it!!! It had been far too long since I had even stepped foot on a beach, and it just soothed my soul.

After my soul soothing stroll along the beach, I hopped back in the car and just started driving. I incredibly made my way to the Golden Gate Bridge. I don’t know how, but who cares! It was pretty cool! Ended up just driving north a bit and then started making my way back south towards San Jose. Drove through Oakland and into Sunol. Drove to the crossing I’ll be working at tomorrow and had lunch at a small cafe directly next to it. We’ll see how the whole demo/sound testing goes. A little nervous, but I am enjoying the chance to prove myself out in the field. 🙂 I am definitely enjoying the chance to travel a bit.

Anyway, for a homeless person I seem to get around! Thank you for pointing that out, mom! Wish me luck tomorrow! And with that I am off to sleep! Have a great night and sweet dreams!!! 🙂








6 responses to “Cruisin Around Cali

  1. Barbara says:

    I think I need a new mouse, didn’t think I was going to get to write a comment.

    Most hotels will give you a refund if you had any trouble during your stay, hopefully you received one. Glad you’re enjoying Cali, the beach, and your ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. The pictures are awesome!!


  2. Madi Boltwood says:

    I hope we get to go there soon together! 😦 I don’t remember much about about Cali but I remember where we lived and I know I liked it there…. 😦

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