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It’s Been A Whole Week!!!!!!!!

on February 10, 2015

So it is Tuesday yet again. I kept meaning to get on here and write, but then laziness would take over, and I am prone to falling into the black hole of laziness. It seems the fatty tissue around my brain enjoys lounging as much as possible. Thank God for the part of my brain that enjoys randomness and excitement and adventure! Woohoo!!!

So anyway, back to the point of this whole bloggy thingy. The last week has been a roller coaster. Work has been absolutely insane! Not the good insane either! The overwhelming one!!! Just trying to deal with that one day at a time. My trainer is still trying to kill me. We did legs last Thursday. If you know me you know I’ll push myself. I might stop for a quick rest, but I will keep trudging along. My legs hurt so bad Friday evening and into Saturday morning that my trainer had me get the foam roller out. Rolling out my quads hurt so badly I was shaking. Then my trainer started rolling out my calves, and I just wanted to cry. Damn you lactic acid!! Damn yooooouuuuu!!!!!!

The weekend was spent at my mom’s. Madi and I were supposed to go to my step-sister in-law’s baby shower. Madi wasn’t doing so great, so instead of risking contaminating the mother to be, we just stayed at my mom’s. We watched John Wick! Is was so frickin good!!! Anyway, I got some archery practice in on Sunday.

So, work is already crazy this week. Just an overload of insanity. Loving my time at the gym! Missing my mini me! The car has been comfy and cozy although I have been sleeping like shit lately. Frustrating as usual when insomnia decides to start kicking in. I am soooooo sleeeeepyyyyyy. And on that note I am going to sign off and enjoy my little cocoon. Sweet dreams!




One response to “It’s Been A Whole Week!!!!!!!!

  1. Barbara says:

    I always enjoy the weekends when you and Madi visit, but I really hate it when you have to leave. 😦
    I know how bad you hurt after you go through another round of training, so I hate to ask for your help around here. I know hooking up that damn bush hog was a royal pain, in my back, your whole body, but alas, we did it!! Yippie, I’m almost done mowing down everything that needs mowing, except for the back 3 acres, which brings me to another subject. Are you up to working with a chain saw? Hehehe, good arm exercise!! I have to cut down some dead trees so I can get the tractor to the back acreage.

    I’ll do my best not to let you slip into the vortex on your next visit. 🙂

    Well, try and get some rest, and hopefully I’ll see you and Madi in a couple weeks.

    Love you!!


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