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What I Have Learned Thus Far…

on February 17, 2015

This post is going to follow the title. I will do my best to keep my emotional craziness internal this evening. Although I do need to mention that it is a great night for writing in the car as the rain falls gently. Unlike when it woke me up through last night when it decided to come in random, pelting waves of wake the fuck up! Yeah. Not a good night of sleep. Sorry. Totally started veering off-subject.

So! What have I learned while living in my car? I have learned that although living in one’s vehicle is frowned upon by society, a lot of people secretly wish they had the balls to do it. Even temp living like me. I’ll be looking for a place again in a couple months. God knows I couldn’t do this for a Texas summer. Nope! No way! But it is incredible the amount of financial freedom one can obtain while doing this. I have actually been able to save!!!! Like seriously save! I almost don’t even want to stop my car living, but unless I build some sort of AC, solar contraption (I know you would help, Bare!), it just isn’t feasible.

What else have I learned? It’s amazing how you start to see the things you own as crap. It’s just stuff. Take for instance my bedroom set which is currently sitting in storage. I love my four post, king sized bed! Don’t get me wrong! But dude! I am dreading moving that thing again along with the matching ginormous dresser and armour. Just dreading it! Ugh! I am to the point where I wish I had the skill to build my own, highly functional and easily movable furniture. I thought I had gotten rid of a ton of crap when I moved, but my storage unit tells another story. Which reminds me, I haven’t paid this month yet! Guess I will be doing that when I am done writing. Oops!

I have learned that hanging my towel up to dry on a bungee cord also serves as a great window blocker. The same goes for my other bungee with a blanket across my front seats from the two handle grips for the back seat. Also my clothing bar with my hair towel draped in the middle to dry would keep anyone from seeing my face through the back window. I’d take a pic, but it’s dark in here. 😉 The other side is blocked by my drawers where I just stack stuff on top so you can’t see in on that side either. Oh yeah. I got this!

Putting part of my backseat up for an extra person to ride in my car is almost not worth the effort. My child was a witness to the hell that something so “simple” could turn into an absolute pain in the ass. If you need a ride in my car, I had better like you. A LOT!!!! I mean, you had better be on my good side, because after I finally get shit reorganized to get that seat to lock in the upright position, I am probably not going to like you for a little while. All I could do is recommend that you give me alone time after we are done hanging out. Just throwing that out there!

I have learned not to drink a lot of liquids before getting all cozy and snuggly in the back. Yeah. You probably think I’m kidding! I am being dead serious!!! That bathroom isn’t very far away, but it really really really sucks to climb to the front seat, remember the key card, put on those cold flip-flops and walk my impatient bladder into the building. Although it is kinda funny to scare the cleaning people from time to time. 😀 Speaking of this paragraph… Dammit!!!

Let’s see. What else have I learned? It is still unnerving to stay in my car at night. Even if I am parked right by the office building where I work, there is a security car and the occasional police car that drive through. I am waiting to hear a tap on the glass one night, but so far no one has bothered me. I have warned friends not to sneak up on my vehicle. I do keep loaded protection next to me when I sleep. They’re hollow points. Don’t knock on my window without calling me first. I also have a kukri and a couple of other sharp objects. I take my personal safety seriously! Another reason why I am not a fan of the midnight wake up call to go into the building.
I don’t need anyone seeing me leaving or entering my vehicle.

So there are a few things I have learned from my current living situation. Maybe they can help someone who might be thinking about this whole car living thing. I don’t know. Anyway, I felt like sharing this. If you have any questions or comments just let me know. I have added a contact form on my “About” page. If you’re lucky enough to know me better just message me on FB. And with that I am signing off. Have a good night and sweet dreams. 🙂



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  1. SSG says:

    Bon Bon you soo crazy lol

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  2. SSG says:

    Maybe one day SSG will be mention in your blabber!! Haha


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