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on April 19, 2015

i feel the urge to write, but at the moment I am completely uninspired as to what to write about.  Yes.  I do know I started this whole thing as a way to keep family and friends in the know about my whole car living situation. But this blog has turned into something more.  It has become a way for me to vent and humor and find myself and share my random experiences with others.  Whether my blog is popular or not, I understand not every post of mine will be enjoyed by the masses.  I have my mental breakdowns from time to time.  Trees can only bend so far sometimes before they crack and lose a branch.  But life goes on, and I can either grow new branches and learn from the experience(s), or I can wallow in sadness at the loss of one branch all the while blinded and not noticing the new growth around it.  

Life is a fragile thing.  So many highs and lows.  We all go through them. Some of us have lost or gained more than others.  I share a lot about balance and what my thoughts are.  I struggle to find my own balance while fighting gravitational pulls all around me.  It is a constant battle.  My theory is that the world is balanced whether we see it that way or not.  For every good deed there is a bad one.  For the light, there is the dark.  For the cold, the warmth and so on. Now, things may not be in perfect numerical balance, such as in the number of deaths and births, acts of love and hate, but it’s still a balance all the same.  We at times may teeter to one side or another, not realizing there are more than just two sides to everything.  There are gray areas that affect our balance continuously from little things we do everyday to the big things that come along once or twice in our lifetimes.  Balance is about choice, and the choice is ours, and of course, we are solely responsible for the choices we make. It’s hard.  Life is a big, fucking test.  

So the choice I am making about this post is a general one.  Perhaps a nonsensical sort of post that can be applied however you want. You may choose to no longer read it, and that is perfectly fine with me.  You may choose to read and dwell on it a bit and apply it to your current circumstances.  All I hope is that whatever I decide to write about today brings you some sort of joy.  Some joy in knowing that there is light somewhere.  Maybe it’s at the end of a tunnel?  Maybe you just need to flip on the switch?  Maybe you prefer the darkness for now, I hope not, but it’s your life.  I have no right to judge you as you have no right to judge me.  You may put me down to others or talk about my craziness as if you have done no wrong, and that’s fine.  I’m definitely not innocent of doing that.  I know I vent about others sometimes, and people piss me off from time to time, and I can say whatever I want to.  Most of the things I talk about are perceptions, and that does not make them truth.  It makes them catty.  I shouldn’t care what others think about me.  I should be a good enough human being as to where others wouldn’t think bad things about me, but even the best people have their haters.  Haters gonna hate.   😉

So now my post has just turned into a rambling mess of jumbled thoughts.  I am hoping there is a point to all of this, but it’s too early to guarantee it.  I’m still just typing away on my phone, in the bed of my mom’s truck, while laying out and soaking up some golden rays.  It’s nice.  There’s a cool wind blowing, and there are no clouds in sight.  Never mind. I see one cottonball in the sky.  :-/

Last night, a friend and I were texting back and forth.  She is stressing about losing a friendship, one that I feel was a bit toxic for her. She’s one of the sweetest people I know, and it bothers me knowing that I was probably the one who ruined it in a way.  Here is where life choices come into play.  Do you rekindle the friendship, knowing that it is going to cause you stress and unhappiness at times, or do you leave it as it is?  She has a huge heart, and I know it bothers her knowing someone doesn’t think it’s worth the time to be a true friend to her.  It’s tough.  I told her my thoughts on the matter.  I would allow it to remain over.  Trust me.  I have struggled with this same issue, and it wasn’t that long ago. I lost one of my best friends of 15 years.  Although our falling out was much more advanced in nature, I had to make the decision to be ok with dealing with an end to a friendship that ended up making me feel horrible about myself. It was the most toxic friendship ever.  It was friendship that lost the battle to his bruised ego and stubborn nature.  It hurt that someone I had spent so much of my life with didn’t feel the need to see past the hurts we had caused each other to maintain a friendship.  It wouldn’t have been the same, but we would have remained friends.  I miss him everyday.  I toss around the thought of contacting him at least once or twice a week.  It’s tough.  I try not to dwell on it, because all it does is bring sadness.  Anyway, enough about that.  It’s a tad depressing.  

Happy thoughts are what I would like to end this post on, but I don’t know where to go next.  Well, we did make it through some scary storms last night.  We survived the tornados!!!!    Woohoo!!!!  Alright.  I think my brain is done writing for the day.  I’m going to go enjoy a beer.  Ciao for now!!!  🙂



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  1. braec says:

    Blabber on, that’s what this post is, “Bonnie’s Blabber”, right?

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