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on September 15, 2016

Why is happiness so hard to hold onto?!  You see people who always seem to be happy on the outside.  They’re always friendly and smiling and ready to cheer everyone up, and they just make it look like the universe is in their corner. I try to be that person.  I try so hard.  But inside it is a typhoon of darkness and sadness and worries and stress and tears.  

Some people say happiness is a choice.  I agree.  It is a choice.  But damn if it isn’t one of the hardest ones.  It’s so easy to trip and fall into unhappiness. It’s so much easier to sink and sulk and pity yourself.  So why?  Why is something that is so incredibly good for you and everyone around you so difficult to achieve?  Why is it so much easier to let the mind wander into unhappiness when happiness is just around the corner?  Why does the corner seem so far away at times?  Ugh!  

I don’t have anything to be unhappy about.  Ok, well, I do, but I can choose to ignore it, right?  Does ignoring the things that make you unhappy keep you happy?  Of course that doesn’t work!  Ignoring it allows it to continue to fester and grow and creep in and then poke you constantly.  Yet it is seemingly easier to ignore it than fix it.  Why do some of us struggle with fixing the bad to make ourselves happier?  Is it denial?  Is it fear?  Is it ignorance?  Is it a combination of all of that and more?   

So I ask you, what makes you happy?  What helps keep you from focusing on the crap that can so easily turn your smile into a frown?  What is your secret?  I don’t want to be sad, and I don’t want to be grumpy, and I don’t want to whine about things when I can make it better.  I’m just curious.  I realize everyone has their own happy to find. I know one of my “happies”, but it isn’t feasible most of the time.  Let me know!


From a recent trip to Long Island, NY. 

8 responses to “Happiness

  1. braec says:

    Well, it’s been very obvious in all my years to realize things don’t make you happy, and friends, family and loved ones will always disappoint you. I don’t believe any one person is always happy, that smile they wear may be hiding something that they don’t want to burden you with.

    I could let myself be totally unhappy if I wanted to, but why? I have a lot of reasons to be sad, but I also have things to look forward to that make me happy, it’s my choice to go either way. How do I snap myself out of a funk? I just say “Fuck it!” I can’t control what goes on around me and sulking gets me nowhere, it only makes me feel worse. I think about things I need to do to take my mind off of things that are bothering me. Sure, it doesn’t change the hurt inside, it’s still there, but if I focus on other things instead, I soon find out those bad feelings were a waste of my time. I have also realized if there is someone in your life that brings you down, it’s time to let go, you aren’t doing the other person any favors by trying to hang on, it’s like being on a treadmill, you’re not going anywhere!

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  2. Kindashy says:

    Always remember that it is only by mere chance and odds that you live to see each day come to a close….. It never is or was a given…..
    Look around you, be very aware of every second of every day and realize while your woes may be many and seem insurmountable, your blessings are boundless………boundless!
    None of us know the extent of our blessings until they are removed one by one……recognize them now as they reveal themselves to you, no matter how small, and give brief pause to acknowledge them and be thankful…for they are not guaranteed to be infinite…….
    I have no idea what demon haunts you but please don’t let it be all consuming…!

    “I Cried Cause I Had No Shoes…Til I Met A Man Who Had No Feet”

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  3. Alex Scavello says:

    Jones Beach?

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