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on March 4, 2020

I’m not even sure what to write about tonight. Pretty much anything I do just irritates people. I feel like I fuck up more often than not. Even on the things I know how to do, I feel stupid.

My past post seemed to give a couple people a guilty conscious to where they are now avoiding me like the plague. breaking the silence with a meme does not constitute communicating. but whatever. What do I expect when I have no friends to spend time with or the rare ones I do have are busy with their own lives and priorities.

I’m tired and sad and lonely. All I want to do is sleep but instead I am awake and writing out some randomness.

Oh well. Guess I’ll get some sleep. At least I can catch some zzzzzzz with a clear mind. It is what it is.


6 responses to “Irritants…

  1. braec says:

    I remember hearing someone say that life is a roller coaster, and those words are so true! Life is like that, sometimes up, sometimes down and sometimes we get stuck, but repairs are made and we get moving again. I can say, don’t let others bring you down, but we all know how other’s actions can hurt and it’s hard not to, but we do get over it eventually. As far as those who you think may feel guilty after your last blog, well, they are on their own roller coaster and when it gets stuck they may find that you are the one who can help repair it.

    So keep that coaster on track, you’re in for a fun ride!!

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  2. Mindy Campbell says:

    I’m so sorry you feel this way, we love you more than you will ever know and so does the Lord. You are loved more than you know!! We really will do lunch soon….min

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    • oceangrrrl says:

      Oh I know you do Min. Some days are just harder to deal with than others, and it just gets so exhausting trying to make every day positive. I just feel there are days when all I do is fake smile when all I want is to do is cry. It’s part of life, but geez!


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